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To have in mind when you're doing yoga
with us

A yoga mat is needed for the classes. You can rent one for 25 kr or buy one at the studio. We sell JADE YOGA`s and MANDUKA`s organic quality mats in different colors. As a member at our studio you can benifit from great prices on mats and other apparel because we encourage all students to have good equipment.

A padlock is needed so you can lock your personal items in the locker in the locker room. If you need a lock you can buy one for 50 kr with us.

Only yoga equipment is allowed in the yoga rooms, all other items must be left in the locker rooms.

Try to come with an easy stomach, not full from just eating. Having your last meal 2 hours before the class is normally good.

Do the class in a moderate pace the first times so you get used to the benifits of the yoga. As a beginner, opt for standing in the last or the middle row.

There is always silence in the yoga room, no matter before, during or after an ongoing class. Please bear in mind that we are an existing studio since March 2014.

Always follow the teacher´s instructions fully. All that is being relayed is for your own good and has the purpose of moving you forward so relinquish what you think you may already know and leave it by the door and be a student to all 100 %.

Remember to be on time for your class. Out of respect for the yogis we cannot allow anyone into the room after the doors have been closed. The booked spots are released for the possible reserves 5 minutes before the class starts.

When you book your first class with us we need you to do that at least 48 h before so we can ascertain that there is a spot for you. All booking of first time try out classes are done via the form on the first page of our website. Members book via the booking system.



When you visit us the first time you need to register your data on a form which takes a few minutes so come at least 20 minutes before the class since there can be a lot of people in the lobby just before the class. Since we are a private studio we ask all yogis to present a valid ID the first time they visit us. We apply strict confidentiality to all data.

Clean and fresh clothes are a must. Swimwear/bikinis are not permitted. Shorts (that cover the buttocks) and sport bra is ok. Underwear is a must.

Always come clean and fresh to the yoga class. Avoid strong scents like perfume and liniments. If you smoke, please avoid this AT LEAST 3 HOURS prior to the class so there is time to neutralise the breath.

YogaStyrka applies an 18 year minimum age to all classes.

If you have booked a class and need to cancel it, you must do so at least 3 hours before the class. For personal training and treatments, 24 hours prior to the appointment.

Hot yoga

Wear light clothes since the room is hot.

You need 1 big towel (approximately 50*100 cm) to have on the mat, expect the towel to be soaked during the class. Bring a separate towel for your shower. You can rent our own towels in 500 gram quality cotton for 25 SEK.

You will need a big water bottle. We sell several sizes at the studio.


Room temperatured classes and strength classes

Wear comfortable clothes that enables you to stay flexible. It is good to bring a towel to the class since many classes require you to use a bolster on which you need to have a towel.

Most importantly, enjoy your class and do tell us if we can enhance your experience in any way!


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